I’ll be really honest with you: I’m more into sporting events than museums, but my first trip to Europe started to change me. I had an incredible time romping through the British Museum in London, and visiting the Louvre in Paris (no trip to Paris is complete without it). On top of seeing the Louvre’s most popular piece, Mona Lisa, I also really enjoyed taking in the Venus de Milo.

Venus de Milo | The Louvre

Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo is one of the most famous ancient Greek sculptures. The statue is believed to depict Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. I originally thought the sculpture was created by Michelangelo, but that’s not the case. It’s actually unknown who sculpted Venus de Milo, but they think it was created by Alexandros of Antioch. The “Milo” part of her name comes from where she was found — the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea.

It’s impossible to not be in awe of Venus de Milo. The statue was sculpted out of marble between 130 and 100 BC, so it’s easily one of the oldest things my eyes have ever seen. It’s also amazing that artists were able to create such masterpieces without the technology and tools we have today. Aside from her missing arms and a few chips (which are a product of age, not the artist), Venus de Milo is flawless and lifelike (aside from the fact she stands 6’8″). The statue is truly incredible.

Venus de Milo | The Louvre

Another look at Venus de Milo

Like I mentioned before, Venus de Milo is one of the most popular pieces at the Louvre. As you can see from my picture at the bottom of the post, there are always fairly large crowds in front of the sculpture. Nothing at the Louvre tops the popularity of the Mona Lisa, though. You literally have to fight your way through the crowd to get an up-close look at the famous Leonardo de Vinci painting. Trying to see Mona Lisa is honestly like trying to get a front row spot at a concert.

I’m a huge fan of history. I minored in the subject in college. I even took a Greek history class to help me earn my degree. I’ve heard about the Venus de Milo my entire life (it’s featured in movies, cartoons, etc.), and I even remember learning about the statue in my history class. To actually see the sculpture in person is awesome, which says a lot for a guy who’s not easily impressed by art. But, it’s not everyday you can walk into a museum and see such an amazing piece of history. I’m sure you’d enjoy it, too!

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Venus de Milo | Anciet Greek Sculpture | The Louvre

Venus de Milo inside the Louvre