We have traveled all over the world. But despite our dream to get there, Portugal somehow eluded us until recently. Tove and I spent our delayed honeymoon in Porto, and then continued our Portuguese adventure in Lisbon.

In this post I am going to share the best things we saw, ate, did and even some we didn’t do in Lisbon. But they are all ideas we suggest to you. In brief summary, it’s a beautiful city with tons of character. We can’t wait to go back!

Much like Porto, Lisbon is best enjoyed on foot. Be warned, though. There are quite a few hills. It’s actually easy to compare Lisbon to San Francisco in terms of topography (hills), character (trams), and even aesthetics (they have a bridge that looks similar to Golden Gate Bridge).

Lisbon Eduardo VII Park
The view from Eduardo VII Park

One of the nicest strolls in Lisbon is along the tree-lined Avenida da Liberdade. Enjoy the view at the end from Eduardo VII Park (map). There are shops and vendors you can check out along the way as well.

Hop on one of the trams in Lisbon. Albeit a bit touristy, the trams help you get around town and/or up and down the hills. Tram 28 is the most famous line. It takes you through the popular districts in Lisbon.

Lisbon Tram 28
Tram 28 passing through Alfama

The neighborhoods are all so different in Lisbon. It’s one of the things that makes the city so special. We stayed in and really enjoyed Alfama. There are great viewpoints all over the neighborhood, and it’s especially neat at night. You can stroll the narrow streets and listen to fado music coming from the many restaurants and bars.

Lisbon Bairro Alto
One of the colorful streets in Bairro Alto

If you’re looking for nightlife, Bairro Alto is the neighborhood you want to head for in Lisbon. There is also a popular area known as Pink Street for bars, partying and late-night fun. Another suggestion is Alcantara where you can find Docas de Santo Amaro and LxFactory (map). We didn’t make it out there but it was recommended by locals.

There is a ton of incredible food in Lisbon. We had an amazing lunch at Alma (a bit pricey, but it possesses two Michelin stars) and also really enjoyed Taberna for a more casual and delicious meal. We also loved our dinner at Sal Grosso. If you enjoy food, you’ll fall in love Lisbon (and/or all of Portugal).

Lisbon Sal Grosso
Fig salad at Sal Grosso

Try a shot of ginja in a chocolate cup from one of the old women selling on the streets, or as our tuk tuk driver showed us, it’s a little cheaper in a bar.

Since it was our delayed honeymoon, we wanted to document the occasion, so we booked a Flytographer to snap photos of us around Lisbon. Our photographer was local to the area and knew the best places to take us. She spent more than an hour with us and the results were amazing.

NOTE: The Flytographer link above will give you $50 credit for your first shoot. Or, you can use this code to get the same credit: CODE9359

Lisbon Portugal Flytographer
One of our awesome Flytographer photos in Lisbon

When you’re in Lisbon, be sure to visit Belem (map). You can take a tram, bus or taxi. There are cool places to see there like Torre de Belem and Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, but the neighborhood is most famous for Pasteis de Belem. You can’t miss it. There will be a long line outside. To skip the line (or encounter a shorter line, at least), head inside and grab a seat.

Lisbon Pasteis de Belem
Pasteis de Belem

We took a day trip to Sintra (map). It’s totally worth a visit. Just keep in mind, there is a lot to see there and it’s not super easy to navigate (many hills and long walks). A taxi and/or tuk tuk can help you get around. If you only see one thing in Sintra, we suggest the colorful Pena Palace.

We did not make it to Cascais (map) when we were in Lisbon, but I really wish we would have. It’s my one regret from the trip. Every local recommended visiting there. We just didn’t have enough time.

Lisbon Pena Palace Sintra
Tove and me at Pena Palace in Sintra

If there is one thing I know about Lisbon: we will visit again someday. Tove and I both feel the city pulling us back already. We hope that you find the same love and passion for Lisbon that we did.

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