Who are the Seattle Bloggers?

They say you never truly love something until it’s gone. We know that sounds totally sappy but it’s true! Growing up in Western Washington, we often took Seattle for granted.  We both packed our bags without hesitation to pursue our careers. While we enjoyed life away, the Emerald City never stopped calling us back (or maybe it was our families?).  After kicking ass and taking names, we [finally] made it home and now we’re documenting every step we take as the Seattle Bloggers.

Here is a little bit more about us — Tim Lewis and Tove Tupper — the Seattle Bloggers!

Seattle Bloggers Tim Lewis and Tove Tupper
Tim Lewis and Tove Tupper

Tim loves telling stories. We mean really loves stories. He loves them so much that he tells stories for a living as owner and operator of his own video production and content creation company Moarly Creative. You might recognize him from his previous profession as a sportscaster for KOMO-TV. When Tim isn’t working, you’ll find him blogging. Or at least doing something that he can blog about later. Whether it’s checking out a new band at a local venue, strolling around Seattle taking pictures, or stomping around a hiking trail, Tim always seems to be up to something. He enjoys late night trips to the corner market for candy, laughing with his family, holding Tove’s hand, taking in a baseball game and traveling to new places. Tim doesn’t like plans, glass-half-empty attitudes, and holding Tove’s hand 🙂 (he’s a dude, remember?).

Tove does not rhyme with love. Her name is actually pronounced “Toe-VAH.” Don’t worry if you can’t get it right, she’s used to people butchering it (and yes, it is her real name and no, it is not short for something). Tove spends her days as a digital and social media strategist for a Seattle area school district. She loves telling stories through the power of the World Wide Web. Whether it’s social media, video, or imagery, Tove digs it. She also loves adventuring. When she isn’t working, Tove enjoys being on, in, or near the water, hanging out with her brothers, celebrating her Scandinavian heritage, holding Tim’s hand, cooking, and cracking jokes. Tove dislikes being cold, loud noises in the morning, and spending time away from her family.

Oh yeah, and we both really love Seattle. We love everything about this place — the people, the neighborhoods, the food, the attractions and even the weather.

Our lesson to share: never take a single moment in Seattle (or any place) for granted. We aren’t.

Have a question for us? Do you want us to check out your favorite experience in Seattle? Or maybe you just want to say hello. We’d love to hear from  you. Drop us a line.

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