There are a hundred different ways to seek refreshment on these hot summer days. You can throw back some juice, eat a tasty piece of fruit, or even suck on a popsicle. Those are all awesome ways to battle the heat, but why not slam all those ideas into one great concept?! Try a new Red Mango super biotic smoothie!

Red Mango Smoothies
Red Mango Summer Smoothie

Tove and I were approached by Red Mango to try one of their new 22 summer smoothies. The national frozen yogurt chain just launched the new “super biotic” menu, and they wanted local bloggers to check them out. So, we jumped on board!

After marching around downtown Seattle, Tove and I peeked into the Red Mango located at Pacific Place. It was a hot day, so the store was packed with customers. With our Red Mango gift cards in hand, we ordered four different smoothies: The Raspberry Jammin’ (strawberry, raspberry, banana and apple-orange juice), The Pineapple Point (yogurt, pineapple and pineapple juice), The Lil’ PB Cup (yogurt, peanut butter, Ghirardelli chocolate and banana), and The Super Berry Flower Power (yogurt, strawberry, hibiscus, mango, pineapple and banana). We really wanted to try The Pomegranate Protector, but the store was out of pomegranate.

Red Mango smoothies
The Rasperry Jammin’

Each one of our Red Mango smoothies came from the menu’s four different life-style centered categories: Body Balance (frozen yogurt smoothies with probiotic boosts — The Super Berry Flower Power), All Fruit Harmony (dairy-free and soy-free smoothies made only with fruit, juice and ice — The Raspberry Jammin’), Twisted Fruits (signature yogurt smoothies with new innovative flavors — The Pineapple Point), and Just Kidd’n (fruit and yogurt smoothies that are blended just for kids — The Lil’ PB Cup).

In addition to the protein, energy, immunity and multivitamin boosts already available at Red Mango, the frozen yogurt chain has added new boosters to their menu as well: Metabolic Fit 360 (a blend of protein, calcium and African Mango), Dark Chocolate Mate (Brazilian roasted maté and dark chocolate), Tropical Hibiscus (Nigerian hibiscus blossoms infused with natural pineapple and lychee), and Green Tea Acai (premium green tea with acai berries).

Red Mango Smoothies
Red Mango Summer Smoothies

Yes, we were paid to write this blog post, but we are very genuine in saying the new Red Mango super biotic smoothies are tasty. My personal favorites were The Pineapple Point and The Raspberry Jammin’, while Tove liked The Rasperry Jammin’ and The Super Berry Flower Power (with an energy booster loaded with vitamin B, taurine and 80mg of caffeine) the best. The Lil’ PB Cup was delicious, but it definitely wasn’t as refreshing as the fruit options. At the same time, The Lil’ PB Cup is perfect for kids, because it’s loaded with chocolate.

They always joke that summer starts on July 5th in Seattle (even though it’s already off to a rip-roaring start this year), so that means the fun is just beginning. If you’re passing by a Red Mango this summer, you should definitely drop in for their new smoothies. They’re tasty, healthy and refreshing. How can you beat that on a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle?

Have you tried a new Red Mango frozen yogurt smoothie? What did you think of it? You can leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are also encouraged to connect with Red Mango on Facebook and Twitter. Above all else, stay cool and hydrated this summer — and — visit Seattle Bloggers for fun activities around the Emerald City.