There are several spectacular viewpoints on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. One of the best views is Kerry Park, which offers killer views of the city and Mount Rainier. Another awesome viewpoint is Marshall Park, which looks out at the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. Those spots are considered “must-see” in Seattle, and they make Parsons Garden easy to overlook (although they’re all clumped within walking distance of each other).

Parsons garden queen anne seattle

Parsons Garden is located kitty-corner from Marshall Park. I honestly didn’t even know it existed until I was wandering around the other day. I was snapping some photos from the viewpoint, and randomly saw the signs for Parsons Garden for the first time. Naturally, I needed to check it out.

Aside from some flowers, a short trail and a couple of benches, there’s not much to the garden. It only takes a few minutes to stroll through. It didn’t seem like too many folks were utilizing the area, either. There was one man reading a book on a bench, and a woman walking her dogs through the park. One other woman walked through when I was there, but she strolled in the side entrance and walked directly out the exit on the other side (it was more picturesque than the street, I guess).

Parsons Garden Queen Anne

Parsons Garden is a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, and it sounds like a hot spot for weddings in the summer. I’ve never attended a wedding there, but a simple Google search shows people describing a wedding at Parsons Garden as “magical and romantic” and “as simple and intimate as it gets.”

The compliments don’t stop there. Seattle Parks and Recreation describes Parsons Garden as a “hidden gem on Queen Anne,” while several reviewers on Yelp call it one of their “favorite pace in Seattle.” It’s a small, unassuming place, but Parsons Garden is worth checking out when you’re in the area.

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