If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Seattle skyline with the Space Needle in the foreground, chances are it was taken at Kerry Park. Featured in movies, national publications and pretty much every pamphlet about the Emerald City, Kerry Park offers the classic Seattle view.

People taking in the view at Kerry Park

Kerry Park get busy with tourists and locals.

Kerry Park (211 W Highland Dr.) is located about halfway up Queen Anne Hill. It’s a fairly small park that sits right on the hill. The most popular part of the park is the north end, which is where you can see the incredible view of Seattle. There are a few park benches, and a little bit of grass perfect for a picnic. However, most people take in the view standing up, right along the fence line.

The view is what lures people to Kerry Park. While there are several great places to take in the Seattle skyline on Queen Anne, Kerry Park is the place to go for a view of the city. On a crystal clear Seattle day, you can see the beautiful city, Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountain range, and the magnificent Mount Rainier. Even on a cloudy, rainy Seattle day (which we see plenty of during the winter months), we think Kerry Park is worth a visit.

A view of the Seattle Space Needle from Kerry Park.

The Seattle Space Needle from Kerry Park.

While many flock to the park during the day, it is equally as popular at night. As the sun starts to set on the Emerald city, you can watch the city buildings begin to reflect red and orange from the sunset. Once the night settles in over Seattle, you can watch the city lights sparkle with the occasional lights flickering on the water from the ferries dancing across the Puget Sound. It’s a truly magical place.

There are a lot of different types of people who visit Kerry Park. You’re guaranteed to spot a few tourists enjoying the view. Since Seattle is an international travel destination, you’re also guaranteed to hear a few different languages at the park. Many professional and amateur photographers flock to Kerry Park for pictures from this iconic spot. You’re also bound to see a wedding party having their pictures snapped at Kerry Park. Plenty of Seattleites visit Kerry Park, too. Tim and I often hit up Molly Moon’s Ice Cream for a sweet treat, and then take it to-go directly to Kerry Park.

A bride and group take pictures at Kerry Park.

Kerry Park is a hot spot for wedding pictures.

We’ve visited the park so many times that there’s no way to guess how many times we’ve gone. That tells you how awesome this place is! While we’ve tried to get tired of the view, with a few visits a week, we can’t. Our mouths automatically exclaim, “Wow!” once our eyes meet the skyline. It’s so breathtaking. We hope you take our advice to visit the park if you haven’t done so before, or visit again and again if you’ve already been. Kerry Park is worth multiple visits.

Have you ever taken in the view of Kerry Park? What do you think of the view? We’d love to hear from you! You can leave comment below or connect with us on TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook. Don’t forget to also check out Seattle Bloggers for more awesome attractions in the Emerald City!

A view of downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, Elliott bay and Mount Rainier from Kerry Park.

On a good day, you can see Mount Rainier from Kerry Park.

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