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First Light Farm | U-Pick Vegetables in Carnation

First Light Farm | U-Pick Vegetables in Carnation

There are plenty of u-pick berry farms around the Seattle area, but u-pick vegetables farms aren’t nearly as common. Sometimes it takes a little luck to find one. We randomly came across a u-pick vegetable farm in Carnation recently when we were hunting for berries. Instead of acres of fruit, we found veggies galore at First Light Farm.

First Light Farm | U-Pick Vegetables Carnation

First Light Farm | U-Pick Vegetables in Carnation

First Light Farm (8617 Ames Lake-Carnation Road NE in Carnation) is an organic, membership farm that’s located about 25 miles outside of Seattle. While it’s typically members-only, First Light Farm is open to the public Thursday-Sunday from 10am-6pm (planting usually starts in March or April). My sister and I just so happened to be cruising through the area on a Thursday and saw the sign for u-pick vegetables. Without hesitation, we followed the route to the farm.

We were quickly greeted at First Light Farm with a wave and a smile from one of the owners, Jane. She explained to us exactly how the farm works:

Membership — Become a member for $25 per year and pick vegetables any time you want. If no one is working when you’re there, you just weigh your own veggies and put cash in the drop box. They call it their “soil-to-supper” program.

Mini or small farm — Cultivate your own plot of land; much like a p-patch in Seattle. There are several different size plots to choose from.

Work share — This is a very simple idea: trade labor for veggies. If you put in a minimum of four hours per week at First Light Farm by mowing, weeding, sowing, etc., then you get to take home a box of u-pick vegetables worth $40.

Non-members — This is probably what you’re looking for. There’s no annual fee, you just show up and pick veggies. Like I mentioned before, First Light Farm is open to the public Thursday-Sunday.

First Light Farm Carnation

Our u-pick vegetables from First Light Farm

When my sister and I visited First Light Farm, we picked green beans, tomatoes (regular and heirloom), peppers, and cucumbers. We grabbed only what we wanted for dinner that night and for pickling, so we didn’t even get to the potatoes, lettuce, kale, squash, or other rows of vegetables there. First Light Farm makes it easy. They provide all the tools and baskets you need for your u-pick vegetables.

We had a great time picking our own veggies at First Light Farm, but the biggest highlight was the employees. The owner Jane was fantastic, guiding us around the farm and even sharing herbal tea (made with sprigs of their own farm-grown pineapple mint) with us. If you want to see how much First Light Farm cares about their employees and customers, just take one look at their website.

First Light Farm provided a great experience. It’s amazing what you can stumble upon when you allow yourself to adventure. We had no idea a u-pick vegetable farm even existed near Seattle, and now we can’t wait to go back. Hopefully we’ll see you there, too!

Have you ever visited First Light Farm? Do you know any other u-pick vegetables locations in Seattle (or around the area)? We’d love to hear from you! You can leave a comment below or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+. Don’t forget to visit Seattle Bloggers for more fun adventures around the Emerald City!


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