It’s one of the most common questions we hear: “Where can I find the best views of Seattle?” That’s why you’re here right now. You want the answer like everyone else, and we don’t blame you. Well, you came to the right place! Our ‘Best Views of Seattle’ list features more than ten amazing viewpoints of the Emerald City.

There are honestly great views all over Seattle, but we’re highlighting the best of the bunch. Our ‘Best Views of Seattle’ list is in no particular order, because let’s be real, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If the pictures and descriptions aren’t enough for you, click on any of the locations for much more information.


Best Views of Seattle | Kerry Park

KERRY PARK — 211 W. Highland Dr.

Kerry Park on Queen Anne offers the most iconic view of Seattle. With incredible views of the Seattle skyline, Puget Sound, and Mount Rainier (on a clear day), it’s pretty tough to beat the view from here. Kerry Park is a popular spot, so it gets crowded at times. If you want to avoid the crowds, check out these secret views of Seattle on Queen Anne.

The view of downtown Seattle from Rizal Park on Beacon Hill.

DR. JOSE RIZAL PARK — 1008 12th Ave. S.

In our opinion, Dr. Jose Rizal Park offers the best view of Seattle from Beacon Hill. You get a great view of the city, Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, plus T-Mobile Park and Lumen Field. If the view from the park isn’t exactly what you want, stroll down the hill to the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge for a more wide open view of Seattle.

Ella Bailey Park in Magnolia

ELLA BAILEY PARK — 2601 W. Smith St.

Opened in 2007, Ella Bailey Park is relatively new to the ‘best views of Seattle’ scene. Located on top of the hill in Magnolia, the park allows you to see the city skyline, the Space Needle, Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains and Mount Rainier (on a clear day — notice the common theme here).

Best Views of Seattle | Gas Works Park

GAS WORKS PARK — 2101 N. Northlake Way

Located on the north end of Lake Union, Gas Works Park is easily one of our favorite places to view Seattle (especially at night). Looking across the lake, you get to see the Seattle skyline and the Space Needle. While you’re at the park, you’ll likely see plenty of seaplanes taking off from the lake. If being on the water is more your thing, this Lake Union ice cream cruise gives you cool views of the city, too.

Seacrest Park | Seattle Skyline

SEACREST PARK — 1660 Harbor Ave. SW.

There’s no better panoramic view of the Seattle skyline than you find in West Seattle. There are several different places to admire the city from across Elliott Bay, but one of the best is Seacrest Park. You can stand on the beach, look across the water, and see the city stretched out in front of you. Keep your eyes peeled for sea life, like sea lions and harbor seals.

Best Views of Seattle | Water Tower


The Volunteer Park Water Tower is the highest point on Capitol Hill. You have to climb 107 stairs to get to the top, but it’s totally worth the effort. Not only can you see the Seattle skyline, the Space Needle (including the unique view through the Black Sun Sculpture), and Puget Sound, but a stroll around the top also gives you a look at Bellevue, the Cascade Mountains and much more.

View from the top of the Space Needle

SPACE NEEDLE — 400 Broad St.

It’s pretty tough to talk about the best views of Seattle and not mention the Space Needle. With an observation deck standing 520-feet above the city, the Space Needle offers incredible 360-degree panoramic views of Seattle and the surrounding area. That’s not the only place to get a bird’s-eye view of the city. You can also check out Smith Tower and/or the Columbia Center Sky View Observatory.

Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour


Just like the Space Needle, you have to pay to see this view of Seattle. An Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour takes you on to Elliott Bay where you get awesome views of the Space Needle, the city skyline, Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains and much more. The bonus here — it’s a guided tour, so you get to learn a lot about the city while you’re at it. While you’re on the waterfront, be sure to stop by Bell Street Rooftop Deck for more amazing views of Seattle.

Magnolia Boulevard Viewpoints


If seeing the Seattle skyline isn’t important, but capturing some of the city’s natural beauty is, then the Magnolia Boulevard viewpoints are for you. Looking out on Elliott Bay, you get amazing views of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and Mount Rainier (you guessed it…on a clear day). This is easily one of our favorite places for a sunset in Seattle. Another place to capture Seattle’s natural beauty is Marshall Park on Queen Anne (right down the road from Kerry Park).

Bainbridge Island Day Trip

ROCKAWAY BEACH — 4002 Rockaway Dr. N.E.

Tove and I discovered this little gem on our most recent visit to Bainbridge Island. Rockaway Beach is a tiny beach park (all of .5-acres), but it offers a cool, distant view of Seattle. Looking across the Puget Sound, you can see the city skyline, the Space Needle, and the Cascade Mountains. Yes, it takes a ferry to get to Bainbridge Island, but the ferry itself offers stellar views of Seattle.

Now that you know where to find the best views of Seattle…go out and enjoy them! We’d love to hear all about your experiences! Please leave your comments below and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t forget to also check out Seattle Bloggers for more great places to see in the Emerald City.