I love breakfast. Actually, I love food in general. But, I especially love breakfast. If it is shared with friends on a Saturday or Sunday, then even better. One of my go-to breakfast spots in Seattle is Serious Biscuit. It’s a part of Tom Douglas’ pizza restaurant, Serious Pie, and right on the corner of Westlake and Harrison. All I have to say is Serious Biscuit is serious about food.

The menu at Serious Biscuit is simple: baked eggs and biscuit sandwiches. There are lots of different variations for both meat eaters and vegetarians. The biscuits are perfect– crispy on top and warm and soft on the inside. I always order the biscuit sandwich topped with fried green tomatoes, bacon, remoulade, and egg. The remoulade has a spicy kick and I loved it! For those of you who don’t know, remoulade is a French condiment. It is mayonnaise based and typically has horseradish, paprika, and sometimes curry. This breakfast sandwich is like magic with the bacon and fried green tomatoes coming together in perfect harmony. Another crowd favorite on the menu is called the ‘zach.’ My brother James always orders this biscuit sandwich . It includes fried chicken, bacon, egg, and gravy. It’s  huge meals and perfect for anyone with a big appetite.  Serious Biscuit also makes a awesome bloody mary.

Serious Biscuit

I think the service is pretty stellar at Serious Biscuit. It is safe to say that if you go out to get some grub in the morning on a weekend, expect a wait at a good restaurant (and let’s be honest, who wants to eat a place with mediocre food? Not me!). I always go to Serious Biscuit expecting a wait, however it never turns out like that. I’ve never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to get a table at Serious Biscuit. I’m not sure if we just always time it right (because it’s definitely always buzzing with customers) or if that is just the way it works. Either way, I’m not complaining.

I should note that the restaurant is open during the week, not just on weekends. I’d recommend this place to anyone looking to try a different breakfast spot. While it doesn’t serve your traditional breakfast foods like pancakes and omelettes, Serious Biscuit does put an awesome spin on eggs that should not be missed.

Serious Biscuit
My brother James about to dive into his Zach

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