There’s a sign for happy hour everywhere you turn in Seattle. Some are deals and some are duds. What we stumbled upon the other day was an awesome deal. We’re talking about happy hour at Red Cow in Madrona.

Tove and I met with some friends and family for drinks the other evening. We were getting ready to part ways, and we voiced how hungry we were. So being the great family that they are, they pointed us to happy hour across the street at the Red Cow. Their selling point: steak and frites for just $10. Uh…sold!

UPDATE: The $10 Red Cow happy hour deal is now $15. But that’s still a steal of a deal in our eyes.

Red Cow Happy Hour Seattle
Steak brochettes & frites

If you don’t know Red Cow, here are some quick facts: it’s an Ethan Stowell restaurant, and it’s labeled as a “classic French brasserie.” Google even goes as far as calling it “upscale.” Yes, the prices can get a little lofty on the dinner menu, but the happy hour deals were right on the mark for us. No, you’re not getting plates for a dollar or anything like that. It’s a best bang for your buck kind of thing.

Red Cow Happy Hour Seattle
Moules (with curry)

Tove and I jumped all in on Red Cow happy hour. We ordered the steak brochettes & frites ($10 — now $15), moules ($10 — now $16), grilled eggplant ($8), Columbia City baguette ($3), and two profiteroles ($9). Craft draught beer is $4, wine is $6, and cocktails are $7. Off the dinner menu, we also ordered beet & peach jam salad and Vichyssoise (which was the soup of the day).

Note: We didn’t order the happy hour burger ($10 — now $16), but we saw several people order it while we were there.

Red Cow happy hour Seattle
Beet & peach jam salad

We really enjoyed everything we ordered, but we were especially high on the steak brochettes & frites, moules (with curry), and Vichyssoise. We also loved the chilled out atmosphere on the outdoor patio. Some folks were having fun conversations, while others were alone reading a magazine. If you’re looking for a rowdy happy hour — this obviously isn’t the place.

Red Cow is open from 5pm-11pm Friday and Saturday (with happy hour from 5pm-6pm), and from 5pm-10pm Sunday through Thursday (with happy hour from 5pm-7pm). Keep in mind, the menu says Red Cow happy hour is served in the bar and on the outdoor patio.

Red Cow Happy Hour Seattle

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