I can’t say I go into Magnolia for food very often, but my mom and I just so happened to roll through the neighborhood during lunch the other day. There aren’t many options in the area, so we decided to give Niko’s Gyros a try.

Nikos Gyros Magnolia

Niko’s Gyros doesn’t look like much from the outside. It’s a small building which is often described as a “hole-in-the-wall” on Yelp. There’s not much to the restaurant on the inside either. There’s seating, some traditional Greek music playing in the place, and a counter where you order. If it’s a nice day, there is seating (three picnic tables) outside as well.

There are plenty of different options at Niko’s Gyros (for an affordable price), but like the name suggests, their specialty is gyros. I ordered a small Greek salad and a traditional gyro, while my mom went for the lamb burger and Greek fries. Instead of staying there to eat, we took our food to go and posted up on a bench along Magnolia Boulevard (a few minutes down the road). It was a beautiful day, and you can’t beat the view of Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound for lunch.

Nikos Gyros Magnolia

The Greek salad from Niko’s Gyros was like any other Greek salad I’ve ever had, and the gyro was pretty typical as well. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it definitely wasn’t bad either. At the same time, a traditional gyro is a traditional gyro. I got what I asked for. As for the lamb burger, it was described to us as “a gyro on a burger bun,” and that’s exactly what it tasted like. The Greek fries were probably the highlight of the meal. They were thin-cut circles covered in feta cheese and Greek seasoning. I should also mention that my Greek salad came with pita bread and Tzatziki sauce for dipping, so it was a fair amount of food.

Niko’s Gyros is a family owned restaurant, and that apparently makes it a great family restaurant for patrons as well. They had signs/awards around the restaurant boasting it  as a great family diner, and a reviewer on Yelp was quick to describe Niko’s Gyros as “one of our favorite family restaurants in Seattle.” Since I don’t have a family, I don’t know what makes it a great family restaurant, but I thought I’d pass that along.

Nikos Gyros Magnolia

Here’s my final breakdown: I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Niko’s Gyros in Magnolia, but I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by there again if I’m in the neighborhood and I’m hungry. It won’t knock your socks off (unless there’s something special on the menu that I don’t know about), but it will surely fill your belly.

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