How can you not love these little guys? Meet Tandie, Gandia, and Mandla. They’re the new lion cubs at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Born on October 24, 2014, the new lion cubs are just getting used to their home at Woodland Park Zoo. They were only brought out on an intermittent basis at first, but now you can see the triplets everyday (weather permitting) from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the zoo’s African Savanna zone.

All three lion cubs at Woodland Park Zoo are boys. Tandie means ‘fire’ in one of the languages from the lions’ native range in South Africa, while Gandia means ‘clever,’ and Mandla means ‘power/strength.’ The dad Xerxes and mom Adia round out the happy lion pride.

NOTE: Woodland Park Zoo has seen no shortage of cubs lately. Do you remember these cubs? They were born in 2013. The three have since been sent to different zoos as part of a lion conservation program. That’s probably what’s going to happen to these guys once they’re older, so enjoy the lion cubs while you can!

We were lucky enough to catch the new lion cubs out and about on a sunny day at Woodland Park Zoo recently. The were just as awesome as advertised. Here are some of the pictures we captured of the fun!

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