It has a unique — if not dull — name: Lake Twenty Two. And for that matter, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency with its name. You’ll see it written different ways: Lake Twentytwo and Lake 22. With all the confusion about the name, there’s one overriding fact: the lake is beautiful!

Lake Twenty Two Trailhead

Before we delve into its strange name, let me first explain where the lake is. Located about an hour and a half from Seattle, the trailhead is outside of Granite Falls on the Mountain Loop Highway. Click here for a map.

As for the boring name…I’ll let the Washington Trails Association explain:

“The origin of the lake’s distinct name is uncertain, but a leading theory is that nineteenth-century railroad maps listed local creeks numerically; one particular creek and its source lake were assigned “22.” The name stuck, and in 1947 the 790-acre Lake Twenty Two Research Natural Area (RNA) was created, putting an end to logging and allowing future generations to appreciate the remaining old-growth cedars and hemlocks.”

Lake Twenty Two Waterfall

The hike is a 5.7-mile round trip with 1,350 feet of elevation gain. The trail leads you through the aforementioned old-growth forest, by Twenty Two Creek (including a couple of waterfalls — which are a little tough to see through the woods), up a talus slope, eventually ending up at the alpine lake.

NOTE: Be sure wear waterproof shoes or boots because the trail is notoriously wet.

Lake Twenty Two

Simply put, the view of the lake is incredible. It’s a small lake nestled into the base of the “northern shoulder of Mount Pilchuck.” The trail actually continues in a loop around the lake, which helps separate the crowds on a busy day. Just fair warning, the WTA advises staying off the boulders around the trail and keeping to the path (to avoid injury). If you have time, I recommend hiking around the lake. There are plenty of peaceful places to post up for lunch or a snack.

Lake Twenty Two Trail

There are a lot of awesome hikes to plenty of beautiful lakes around Seattle, but this definitely has the “Wow!” factor on a clear day. After we posted pictures on social media, many of our followers said this is their favorite hike in the area. And we can understand why!

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