I recently jumped at the chance to check out John Nielsen’s Authentic Danish Pastries in Lower Queen Anne. The majority of my ancestors are from Scandinavia and I’m very proud of my Norwegian, Danish and Swedish roots. I’ve also spent some time in Denmark (traveling and visiting family) and have had my fair share of Danish pastries. I was eager to try out the pastries and see just how authentic they are.

John Nielsen’s Authentic Danish Pastries
An apple Kringle at John Nielsen’s Authentic Danish Pastries.

Before I get into the food, I have to give a shoutout to the staff at Nielsen’s Pastries. The customer service is top-notch and they know how to over-deliver. Tim and I actually visited this place on my birthday. When the employee asked what we were up to, Tim told him it was my special day and he gave me a free pastry. Tim wasn’t doing this to get a freebie. He was just looking to draw a little bit of attention to me (how sweet), but the staff responded in a great way. They were also very helpful answering all of our questions about the pastries. You don’t often find this type of thoughtfulness with food and beverage service. I plan to go back based on this experience alone.

However, there is another reason why I will be returning to Nielsen’s Pastries. The pastries are the real deal! They are out of this world fresh and so authentic! I felt like I was right back in Denmark, visiting with my cousins, and enjoying a Danish pastry. I indulged in the cream cheese and fruit Danish. The pastry was warm and flaky, the fruit was fresh, and the cream cheese was so smooth and buttery. I should have ordered two. Tim tried a slice of the apple Kringle which is a traditional folded Danish pastry filled with chunks of apple and garnished with sliced almonds. Tim enjoyed his pastry as much as I enjoyed mine.

John Nielsen’s Authentic Danish Pastries
The fruit and cream cheese danish at John Nielsen’s Authentic Danish Pastries.

Nielsen’s Pastries has been in business since 1965, and it clearly takes pride in its heritage with Danish decorations throughout the bakery. Everything is hand-made with authentic recipes using fresh ingredients, creamy butter, house made jams and I’m sure a lot of love. You can tell the staff puts a lot of effort into making great tasting pastries and delivering great customer service. I will be back to indulge in another pastry soon (and I’ll continue going back again and again).

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