The Emerald City is famous for prolific bursts of color thanks to all the moisture in the area. Seattle blooms are some of the most gorgeous in the country in both cultivated gardens and wild areas. Learn more about five native Seattle wildflowers from guest blogger Cat Murphy.

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Seattle Wildflowers Pacific Bleeding Heart
Seattle Wildflowers | Pacific Bleeding Heart

This unique plant is famous for its natural growth in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Bleeding Heart loves shade and offers downward drooping pink heart-shaped blooms. The flowers adorn fern-like green leaves that help the plant reach up to two feet tall. Gardeners use this compact plant in small portions of the garden or in planters that are well-shaded. The bleeding heart blooms will continue to appear throughout the fall, making it a welcome addition to the garden when the rain returns. It’s easily one of the most beloved Seattle wildflowers.


Seattle Wildflowers Goldenrod
Seattle Wildflowers | Goldenrod

Known for its bright yellow flowers, Goldenrod is a staple in the Seattle wildflower scene. You’ll spot it all over the city in gardens as well as along roadsides and natural areas. Goldenrod grows easily in the Pacific Northwest and can reach a height of four feet, making it stand out in the garden. As a perennial ground cover, Goldenrod features prolific tiny blooms along the top portions of the stems. Many believe Goldenrod has healing properties from the roots to the stems and seeds. The flower is commonly mistaken as a primary culprit for fall allergies. But this flower pollinator is bees, not wind.


Seattle Wildflowers Goatsbeard
Seattle Wildflowers | Goatsbeard

More than most Seattle wildflowers, the tall white plumes of Goatsbeard is hard to miss. The unique blooms offer a touch of variety in the garden as well as texture and movement when a breeze arrives. This flower acts as an anchor in many local gardens thanks to its ability to grow up to five feet tall and four feet wide. It isn’t picky about being in a sunny or shady location. It does need well-drained soil to help combat the wet Seattle climate, though. You’ll find this plant along beautiful hikes in the natural wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Blanket Flower

Seattle Wildflowers Blanket Flower
Seattle Wildflowers | Blanket Flower

This delicate native Seattle wildflower features pretty circular blooms with deep red centers that fade into yellow edged petals. The Blanket Flower is a well-known perennial that can bloom all summer when gardeners deadhead them. Native varieties are short-lived but will reseed and come back for many years. You’ll notice these little wildflowers in well-drained soil that receives plenty of sunshine. There are a few different color variations that you may see around the city including red, maroon, and yellow hues.

Broadleaf Sedum

Seattle Wildflowers Broadleaf Sedum
Seattle Wildflowers | Broadleaf Sedum

This plant can be mistaken as a weed thanks to its strong ground cover tendencies. Broadleaf Sedum is a native Seattle wildflower and its primary use it to help fill in areas of cultivated gardens. This tough plant is a favorite among gardens as it is drought-tolerant and provides cheery yellow blooms. Broadleaf Sedum is also very cold hardy, making it a natural fit to the wet and cold areas along the water surrounding Seattle. It is also a favorite of area pollinators that help create a stronger environment.

Seattle Wildflowers

There are plenty of native wildflowers to enjoy in Seattle. Spot them in your neighbor’s prize-winning garden or in the many glamorous gardens to visit throughout the city. Consider adding these native Seattle wildflowers to your own garden this year as well.

Cat Murphy is a gardening and landscaping writer, and outdoor extraordinaire. She enjoys cooking for family and friends and going on long hikes anywhere and everywhere in nature.

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