It’s amazing how an unassuming place can create such beauty. That’s what happens at Borst Lake in Snoqualmie. On a nice day, the water creates a perfect reflection of Mount Si in the distance.

Borst Lake Mount Si Reflection

First things first: where the heck is Borst Lake? This isn’t a place many people talk about; let alone even know about. Borst Lake (not Fort Borst Lake in Centralia) is located 29 miles from Seattle in Snoqualmie. To keep it simple — here’s a map. There is no hiking involved. The lake is right next to the road. There’s not a parking lot, so just use one of the pull-offs near the lake.

NOTE: Snoqualmie Falls is just a mile up the road from the lake, so you can easily visit both locations in a single adventure.

It’s hard to find much information on Borst Lake. I’ve honestly only stopped there once before, but it was a stunning sight. On a still day, Mount Si reflects perfectly in the water. That’s about all I know for sure. Otherwise, I’ve found that it’s also known as Mill Pond (because an old Weyerhaeuser mill used to be there), apparently people go fishing there, and it’s named after Jeremiah Borst, who is known as the “father of the Snoqualmie Valley community.”

Borst Lake Mount Si Reflection

Borst Lake is a photographers paradise. When my dad and I recently stopped by, there was already one other photographer out there. After we left, drove down the road, checked out another photography location, and then drove back by the lake — there were five more people on the side of the road taking pictures of the Mount Si reflection.

It looks like the lake is especially beautiful in the fall. A simple Google search reveals amazing images of the lake surrounded by colorful trees, and there’s also the reflection of Mount Si. With that said, these pictures of Borst Lake are from a random day in February. That means it can be awesome anytime of the year.

It’s truly amazing how a simple little lake can create such an amazing sight!

Borst Lake | Dan Lewis

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