We start to see a spike in traffic on our website starting in late February. It seems like everyone is searching for the best time to see University of Washington cherry blossoms, which leads them here.

2023 Update: The University of Washington cherry blossoms are at 10% bloom as of March 20th. They are on track for full bloom in early April, which is later than normal. You can keep up to date by following UW

UW Cherry Blossoms

The pink and white blooms that surround the Quad (map) are an annual rite of spring in Seattle (click here for more). But, because of Mother Nature, you never know when the University of Washington cherry blossoms will reach full bloom. History tends to repeat itself, though. So looking at past dates can help pinpoint when to start heading toward campus.

Here are the dates University of Washington cherry blossoms reached full bloom the last few years:

2019: March 29th
2018: March 27th
2017: April 1st
2016: March 11th
2015: March 14th
2014: March 21st
2013: April 3rd

With that said, these dates are full bloom. The trees will start to bloom and progressively reach their full potential, which creates an impressive scene on the Quad for weeks.

Cherry Blossoms

According to the University of Washington:

“Bloom timing varies each year and depends mostly on the amount of daylight and consistency of temperatures. If we have a stretch of days reaching over 50 degrees F, that bodes well for blooming. Alternatively, if it gets colder for a longer stretch, the blooming will stall.”

In other words…keep your eyes on the Seattle forecast.

Or…you can also check for the latest University of Washington cherry blossom updates right here on Seattle Bloggers, or visit UW News, @UWcherryblossom on Twitter, or the UW Facebook page. You can also see a live stream of the Quad on YouTube.

Cherry Blossoms

In summary, the best time to see University of Washington cherry blossoms is typically mid-March to early April. The exact date is never known, but there are plenty of resources to follow to get the latest updates.

Have you ever visited the University of Washington cherry blossoms? How was your experience? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.