The specialty beer shop and tap room called Pint Defiance in Tacoma sells over 900 different beers.  On top of that, Pint Defiance creates an extremely relaxed atmosphere that is welcoming to both beer connoisseurs and new beer drinkers. It’s a must see if you enjoy beer and ever find yourself in or near Tacoma.

There are two ways to enjoy Pint Defiance (which is a play on words for a local area called Point Defiance). You can stop by, check out the coolers and buy beer to take with you. Or, you can drink the beer right there in the tap room. Pint Defiance sells ten beers on tap at a time. You can also fill up a growler. If one of those doesn’t intrigue your taste buds, you can peruse the coolers and pick out a bottle to pop open.

Pint Defiance sells a wide variety of beer including craft, imports, specialties, hard cider and many, many other hard to find beers. The coolers are organized by region. Washington and Oregon have their own coolers and then it keeps going across the rest of the country. There is a cooler for imports and as well as seasonal beer. There are also a few coolers dedicated to gluten-free beer and hard cider. There is truly a beer or cider for everyone.

If you’re intimidated about all the options, the staff will help. Everyone who works at Pint Defiance is very easygoing, knowledgeable and helpful. Whether you like dark or light beer, hoppy beer, something on the sweet side, or have no idea what you like, the staff will guide you to something you will enjoy.

On top of the incredible beer selection, you can also bring your own food to Pint Defiance. Whether it’s food from home or take out, everything is welcome! You can even order delivery, which is exactly what my friends and I did. Before we hit up Pint Defiance, we ordered Thai food from the restaurant next door and 20 minutes later, they delivered it to us at Pint Defiance. It was awesome and definitely makes your experience unique.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Pint Defiance also offers many special events. They host a Brewers Night every week. A brewer will come to the shop, select a few of their beers to go on tap and raffle away lots of swag (did I mention the raffle tickets are free?). This is a great opportunity to meet the people behind the beer and talk to them about their craft. The beer bar also hosts tastings on Sundays, which is a great opportunity to try out new beers.

In my opinion, Tacoma is lucky to have Pint Defiance. It’s a great place to discover new beer, enjoy some old favorites and have a good time with friends. I know there are similar places in other communities, so if you don’t live near Tacoma, I’d suggest seeing if there’s a similar bar or shop in your area.

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